Fran with Rachel Holmes,

creator of KSFL

Hello 😊

We’ve come a long way from the outdated, old skool style of jumping on the scales every week and losing a pound, gaining a pound week after week after week…. it’s far more important to be healthy, happy and enjoy good nutrition – fat loss comes as the body ditches the junk and becomes the healthiest version of itself!

Kick Start Fat Loss is about EMPOWERMENT, mentoring you to a place where you no longer think of “BAD” food or “GOOD” food …. just a great balance in life – happy, healthy, and still enjoying the social occasions without the guilt!

Learn about fat loss foods …real, unprocessed and natural foods that the body just LOVES.

Learn about the importance of reducing stress and why your HORMONES can actually block fat loss!


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We will show you how health through nutrition and yes, LIFESTYLE!!! …will lead to PERMANENT and life long fat loss – it doesn’t have to be difficult, and we can show you how to change your mindset to feel and look amazing! X

Kick Start Orpington members swap comments, recipes, tips & motivation, at weekly Facebook LIVE meetings, on our WhatsApp group, or at class with myself and the team 👩‍👩‍👧

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Kick Start Orpington – The Programmes

Kick Start can be done entirely ONLINE with daily coaching in the groups, but if local to Orpington, there are live classes at Flin’s Fitness – included in some programmes, or available at a discount!


All club members get the following support:

  • A short but challenging daily video workout to follow with Kick Start creator, Rachel Holmes.
  • A block of LIVE classes from our busy timetable (free classes not included on Sprinter) – exercise for all abilities, plus an online Facebook LIVE meeting at 8.30pm, Tuesdays, with Fran in the Facebook group. NOTE: You can choose any class on the timetable.
  • Facebook group and / or WhatsApp group – daily contact with me, Fran, KS Orpington coach.
  • Manual & meal planner






7 Day Re-Set Programmes – £22 – A quick fix to detox from a heavy holiday period OR get de-bloated for an event or holiday! Get back on track with a daily protocol to follow plus a quickie online workout


14 Day Kick Start Sprinters! – £27 – This slightly longer 2 week body blitz, or re-set, will help you shape up before – or after! an event or holiday. De-bloat, feel amazing in just 14 days!


Ditch the junk, incorporate some fasting days, carb cycling & daily online quickie workouts ….. add a dollop of daily motivation & an online workout via your WhatsApp group and KS Orpington member’s Facebook group. 🎯


21 Day Lift Lean Online – 5:2 Protocol – £45

The hugely popular Lift Lean programme – to help you shape up & drop bodyfat – or simply hook into GOOD nutrition and body shape changing workouts!

Two different methods:

1. Follow the Kick Start 5:2 protocol for dropping body fat while training – if needed.

2. Follow the Elimination protocol to promote healthy nutrition to support great training!

This is a fantastic programme for ANYONE who wants to build on a drive for a positive body image – an empowering and positive approach to dropping body fat 💪🏽💜


Kick Start Elevate

Our new lifestyle programme for the Autumn:

Broken down into 3 seperate months, you can do September, October OR November, or buy now on the Early Bird for the full 3 month package and save money!

All the details are on our lifestyle page.

Lose weight, get fitter, healthier and have FUN doing it!

Here’s me and my daughter Tash, doing a Lift Lean workout! 😍