The next monthly block of Kick Start Elevate starts on Monday 5th November

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Welcome to our Health & Weightloss Programmes!

Online only or live classes – supporting you for as long as you need us!


Why Kick Start?

Our longer programmes set up good habits to improve your health, hormonal balance and lifestyle!

Anyone can sell you a diet plan.

But what about long term?

How do we TRULY change our lifestyle for longer term PERMANENT health benefits and fat loss?

We aim to take you through the minefield of diet myths and misconceptions about what is healthy food and what is not!

Learn how your body works and become your own “diet detective”!


Jane said:

“I can’t believe my results….an inch off each thigh, two inches off my hips and two off my chest and FOUR inches off my waist!!!! I’m wearing my size 12 jeans today (no sign of a muffin top), couldn’t get them anywhere near done up before LL! I’ll send you a pic of me in my new very baggy work trousers!

The programme has given me great results in just four weeks! J x”


Kick Start New YOU Autumn Programme ELEVATE with Fran and Rachel Holmes, creator of KSFL

Realworld Weightloss and Wellness.

2018 has been a fantastic year for our online Kick Start courses. LIFT LEAN with the 5:2 Diet has worked so well for so many people. It has literally been a game changer and been the best programme to unlock great results physically and mentally, LONG TERM. Elevate builds on the successful formula of Lift Lean and we bring you our best long term programme yet!

I teach you how to eat healthily and lose weight in the week, work on your daily habits and non-negotiables, mindset and motivation which gives you wiggle room at the weekend to enjoy additional food and drink without sabotaging your efforts, your progress, health or goals.

***Daily coaching in the Facebook & WhatsApp groups keeps you on track and I can serve you in a much deeper way, answering your questions and providing you with the best support and motivation. I can personalise things for you and make this fit into your lifestyle.

*** Daily HOME workouts – Rachel has found the sweet spot of 7 minute workouts using minimal equipment that can be repeated if necessary for a longer 14 minute workout plus a daily bonus workout. It is the perfect way to get phenomenal mental and physical results.

****There are so many videos that if you need lower options or alternatives I can make sure you are catered for.

**** Daily nutritional video explaining what to eat, how to eat, how to fit it into a busy lifestyle, have a social life and work it in with family life. This is KEY to long term success and sustainability.

Plus meal plans, cooking ideas, vegetarian and pescatarian options.

So much has changed in nutrition since Rachel began Kick Start and as KSFL franchisees, we deliver the best practices and evidence based information in an easy to follow and highly supportive way.

You will be experiencing all of the different nutritional protocols and working out which one suits you personally.

*Carb cycling
*Calorie counting
*Intermittent fasting.

ALL work, but its understanding which one suits you and makes you THRIVE.

Every week will begin with:
*Goal setting and expectations for the week.
*Big picture thinking, health and wellbeing goals.
*Realworld weightloss goals and obtainable results.
*Plan for the week.
*Workout scheduling
*Your weekly social overview – Have you got social functions that week that we can factor in and help you with so you don’t sabotage your results?


Programme Timetable

November 28 Day SUPERCHARGE – £57, includes 4 classes of your choice 
Ready for Christmas

7 Day Super Charge Body Reset
7 Day Super Charge Lift Lean
7 Day Super Charge Midsection Meltdown
7 Day Super Charge Total Mind and Body

Kick Start Orpington Club is every TUESDAY during your chosen Kick Start course, from 8.30pm in our “virtual” meeting on FB LIVE! Then choose a weekly class to attend on our huge timetable!


Adding value to your Kick Start Lifestyle:

 So what do I get for my membership on Kick Start Orpington?

– Workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of Kick Start

– Weekly chat on Facebook Live, following up on the nutrition topic of the week – see above for schedule

– Facebook group daily contact & motivation with KS Orpington Leader, Fran

– A bonus pack of classes from the Flin’s Fitness timetable …30+ classes to choose from each week!

– Elimination manual, meal planner & discount on all recipe books

Private Facebook and WhatsApp support group / access to on line workouts

Kick Start “virtual” meeting every week, Tuesday from 8.30pm with me, Fran, on FB Live!