21 Day Lift Lean (5:2 Protocol)




The Lift Lean 5:2 programme – to help you shape up & drop bodyfat – or simply hook into GOOD nutrition and body shape changing workouts!


TWO METHODS – choose the best method to fit in with YOUR life:

  • Follow the Kick Start 5:2 protocol for dropping body fat while training – if needed. OR
  • Follow the “health for life” Elimination protocol to promote healthy nutrition to support great training!



  • IDEAL for parents and teens to do together at home – promote the message to our teens that we should be STRONG not skinny! Let’s not raise another generation of scales obsessed young people!

This is a fantastic programme for ANYONE who wants to build on a drive for a positive body image – whether JUST for yourself or for you AND the teenager in your life!



Kick Start Lift Lean 5:2 – Full details:


This is a 21 Day programme … in the week leading up to the programme you will receive your pack via email or Drop Box / We Transfer if your email won’t take the file size.


Pack contents:

  • Shopping lists …the 5:2 Detox list or the Elimination for health list
  • Meal planners for ideas
  • A daily protocol – how to eat, when to eat
  • A motivational video for the day ahead
  • A workout of the day (WOD) which will involve dumbells…a variety of equipment is used in the workouts eg barbell / kettlebell / swiss ball / thigh loop / resistance band / step.All this kit is a nice-to-have but is obviously at a cost, so better to see how much you enjoy the workouts etc before trawling eBay for some bargain kit – Argos are really good value if you buy new!
  • Recipe cards and meal ideas
  • PDF manual all about Kick Start nutrition
  • FAQ’s … the why’s and how’s about Kick Start.


Support & Motivation:

  • Secret Facebook group – Kick Start Orpington members only – no one outside of the group sees the posts
  • WhatsApp group for members …. Lively, fun and motivating …too busy for some – you are welcome to join & stay, or leave / mute if too much! Your choice, no offence taken!
  • Facebook Live meeting in the group, Tuesdays at 8.30pm … I chat, you type! Q’s and feedback…usually around 30 mins.


How the programme works:


  • Kick Start food is nutritious, whole and fresh – no processed packet style foods – we encourage you to prep / cook from scratch, however we also are busy people like you – lots of throw it all in style recipes that are as quick as pinging stuff in a microwave, only MUCH healthier and good for your body!
  • 3 meals a day, however we are putting in 2 x Intermittent Fast days a week with 2 meals on these IF days. This makes it easy to put you into a caloric deficit over the week – leaving you some ‘wiggle room’ at weekends – real life steps in with social events / family meals / parties etc. We don’t encourage a blow out, but you can be a little less strict if you’ve been following the plan all week 🙂
  • The workouts with HEAVY weights (they must be challenging for you!), are what change your shape so dramatically! You will be amazed at how quickly your body adapts to the weight you use. Many women go up in weights halfway through each programme! The workouts are between 15 & 30 mins and are to be done as soon as you get up if possible … you warm yourself up then get going, following Rachel Holmes on the video link provided. 6 days a week with one rest day, or a Pilates style workout.
  • It’s become traditional to post a ‘sweaty selfie’ in the group … we have had some beauties over the months since Lift Lean launched!

£45 – includes 4 classes of your choice from the FF timetable, to be used within the 21 days.