7 or 14 Day Sprinters

A quick and effective body re-set!

The next 7 Day Sprinter will be on Monday 29th October

Who is this programme for?

  • Anyone needing a quick de-bloat in time for an event or a holiday.
  • Anyone needing a quick “re-set” after the holiday season!
  • People who would benefit from improving their eating habits and ditching junk from their diet.
  • Those who like to mix up their workouts & need quick online workouts to fit in with their busy lifestyle!

Is this you??


How will It Work?

– All members of Kick Start Orpington will have access to the national Kick Start workouts with Rachel Holmes, but be looked after locally with me, Fran at KS Orpington, via the WhatsApp and / or secret Facebook group.

– All members will be welcome to attend the KS Orpington “virtual” session on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Facebook LIVE with me …. plus get a discount to Flin’s Fitness classes if you want a live workout session.


So what do I get for my membership?

Kick Start Orpington with Fran:

– Online workouts and daily nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of KSFL

– Full online support & guidance

– Membership to Kick Start Orpington:

Private Facebook / WhatsApp support group / access to on line workouts

Kick Start “virtual” meetings on Tuesdays at 8.30pm for chat, feedback, and progress monitoring.